Think green


We do not use products of animal origin during any step of our production. Making our wines enjoyable also for our vegan friends.


Organic by sexual confusion…sounds fun doesn’t it? The sexual confusion method consists of disrupting male/female recognition of unwanted insects by continually diffusing synthetic equivalents of the sex pheromone in the air around the plot. The males are disorientated and cannot locate the females. Mating is thus prevented, there are no destructive caterpillars and the fruit is preserved without the need for the usual chemical sprays.

We promote biodiversity and allow plants other than vines to grow in and around the vineyard. Biodiversity helps regulate the vineyard soil by attracting beneficial insects, spiders and predatory mites, as well as providing shelter and food (pollen, nectar and other bugs), and replaces the need for chemical pesticides or insecticides. What cannot be fully controlled through biodiversity can still be managed organically, through the use of naturally-occurring plant or mineral extracts, which leave no residues in the soil. 
We also do not use any weed/killers, preferring to let the weeds grow. The weeds and grass are then mowed periodically so that the cut weeds rot back into the soil, which provides us with great organic fertilizer.