About us

Founded in 2010, Orion Wines is the result of a simple yet stunning synergy between three people:

Alessandro Michelon – one of Italy’s most innovative and experienced winemakers, with a profound knowledge of the various regions of Italy, Alessandro handles everything that has to do with Orion Wines’ most important element: wine! He is the mind behind transforming quality grapes into delicious, user friendly wines. Together with his winemaking team, Alessandro travels throughout the Italian peninsula to oversee all aspect of the winemaking process, basically “from vines to wines”.

Luca Pomaro – a 25 years veteran of the “international wine scene,” Luca supplies the marketing knowledge and skills required to understand the needs and tastes of the international markets, with special emphasis on the North European and North American markets.

Elena Ciurletti – Elena has been in the wine trade for over 15 years and has gathered profound knowledge of the English and German markets. She also handles Orion Wines’ sales and marketing in the Asian markets.

Together they bring to the international markets intriguing, innovative and delicious wines by combining tradition, innovation and most of all, a true passion for wines.

Our Philosophy?

The concept is quite simple really:


To do so we must take full control of every step in the winemaking, from the vineyards to the vinification, straight through to the packaging and marketing. To make this possible, Orion Wines has tied strong commercial relations with a small number of growers and wineries in different areas of Italy.

We take complete control of the vineyards and work closely with our partners and their own winemakers to create wines which represent the essence and typicity of that particular region, while still keeping an eye on the needs of the ever-evolving international wine aficionado.