ANTICA MURRINA PREMOPremo Sangiovese Rubicone IGP Rosato

An enchanting, vibrant, antique pink colour. On the nose, aromas of red berry fruits such as wild strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, cherry and pomegranate. A lively rosé, crisp and well-balanced, with a fresh cherry finish. Simply perfect as an aperitif, but also to be enjoyed with cold cuts, seafood pasta rosemary chicken or salmon with aromatic herbs.


100% Sangiovese


The Sangiovese grapes are selected from vineyards in the province of Rimini, in Emilia-Romagna. The vines are trained using the Guyot system. The plants are an average of 15 years old, with a yield of approximately 2.5 kg per vine.


The grapes are harvested by hand in the second half of September.


The grapes are de-stemmed and gently crushed, chilled to 10°C and left to macerate on their skins for approximately 8 hours, giving the must a pink hue. The must is then run off its skins, placed in stainless steel fermentation tanks and then left to rest for 36 hours. Fermentation is carried out using selected yeasts at a controlled temperature of 14-16°C for approximately 10 days.
The wine is left on its lees in stainless steel tanks for 2 months to maximise the extraction of complex aromas.


2 months in bottle prior to release.